Future Vision:そのロータリーの果敢で歴史的な英断。(抄録)
2760地区 PDG、RRFC, Future Vision Trainer 江崎柳節(小牧)

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2760地区 PDG 江崎柳節

 Future VisionはRotaryそのものを歴史的に本来あるべき姿に変えつつある。
 3年間のFuture VisionのPilot Studyは私の地区を含む世界の100地区から圧倒的な支持をうけた。

 私は先月、最も新しいロータリー国パレスチナを訪問し、そこでの医療援助の緊急性、とくに急性腎不全(Acute Renal Failure)に対する血液透析(Hemodialysis)等の緊急的なニーズを課題として持ち帰った。

  1. 米国ヒューストンMedical Center(D.5890)におけるガンの根治治療(Radical Procedure)の現況と情報交換
  2. オーストラリア・ギゾ島(D.9600)のマラリア対策とソーラー・システムの医療設備敷設と応用
  3. カナダ(D.7070)における終末医療(Terminal Care)としての緩和ケアー(Palliative Care Service)の高度化
  4. フィリッピンに於ける腹腔鏡手術(Laparoscopic Surgery))の検討等と、我が地区(D.2760)に限っても双方の國において可成り成果を上げつつある

 日本の34地区すべてに対するLaunchingも誠に順調で、Fund raisingの伸びもますます期待できるものと感じている。

( RRFC Institute 2014講演抄録 2014/3/7 Chicago.)

Future Vision ,its Historical & Bold Decision.
Ryusetsu Esaki,RRFC(Zone 2),PDG (Summary for RRFC Institute 2014,Chicago)
Future Vision has been transforming Rotary into what it should be. The three-year pilot was supported tremendously by a hundred districts around the world, including my own. It was a historical and bold decision to embark this initiative to give discretion to districts and clubs for the Foundation grants, making it easier for smaller clubs to work with their international partners on larger-scale projects, and focus on areas in which Rotarians had shown interest and strength. This is how our Foundation should be.
Rotary Foundation district grants are now 2 1/2 times increased in volume. For global grants, we can use our District Designated Fund (DDF) to get a significant 1:1 match for our international projects. A simplified and clearer grant process as well as donated funds by our own members demonstrate a high level of integrity. The most notable is the requirements of global grants: real needs in the communities, sustainability and measurability. These requirements enable Rotary to be more efficient in its pure form. We can say that it is an evolved form of our former WCS program under the Avenue of International Service.
Last month, I visited Palestine, which recently became a new Rotary Nation. I learned that there were pressing needs for medical aids, especially for dialysis for patients with acute renal failure. I brought the information back to home for our future projects.
In the last four years, our district 2760 supported several Vocational Training Teams, which include:

  1. A team visited Huston, Texas (D5890) to learn cancer care, including radical procedure. The team also exchanged information with the local health professionals.
  2. A team visited Ghizo Island, Solomon Islands (D9600) to learn malaria prevention/treatment. The team also learned how to use solar power system for medical facilities.
  3. A team visited Canada (D7070) to learn terminal care and palliative care service.
  4. A team visited Philippines to introduce laparoscopic abdominal surgery technics.

These VTTs benefit tremendously for both our district and our partners.
Rotary is not a mere ideological organization. We are the organization which puts its ideals in action. I believe Future Vision enabled Rotary to evolve on a global scale. With Future Vision, the Rotary strategic plan aims to increase our service projects.

In 34 districts in Japan, the launch of the new grant model has been going smoothly. As for the fund raising, I foresee increase in contribution to the Foundation.
With our sustainable humanitarian and educational projects, vision, groundbreaking ideas and action, the Rotary Foundation can tackle the world’s most difficult problems.


そのロータリーの果敢で歴史的な英断。(抄録) PDF版 ダウンロード