「1911年11月号のThe National Rotarian 第1号に
Service not self の本当の意味を考えてみよう。(その5)
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 He said: "Gentlemen, I have a confession to make to you. When this Rotary Club was organized I signed on as a charter member, but I got to thinking" it over and it looked narrow and unbusinesslike, and I thought I could not stand for it, and so I never came in, but, gentlemen, I have kept watch of your Club since its inception, and know what it is today.
 I know you are a Club that does things, and I want to tell you that I consider it the mistake of my life that I did not come into this Club when I signed up as a charter member.”


 Our President here will remember that at the organization meeting one of the speakers decried the principles of Rotary as set forth, but he had a mistaken idea of what Rotary stands for, and our guest stated that he would like to be placed on the waiting list and would be glad to become a member whenever an opportunity arose.


 We have a rule regarding the dropping of members from the Club.
 An absence from three stated business meetings is deemed of sufficient importance to cause investigation, and unless the absentee calls on the Board of Directors and offers some excuse that seems to them both reasonable and right, his name is dropped from the roll of membership.
 We have been compelled to put that into effect twice.
 In both instances it has resulted to the benefit of the Club.
 We have had men on the waiting list who were glad to come in and take membership and attend the meetings regularly.


 There is hardly a meeting that takes place with us but what from different parts of the room some man will get up and say: "I want to thank So and So for what has come to me through his efforts." I have never, since the Club has been organized, heard one man get up and say: "I have done so and so for you." That has never been mentioned in our Club, but there have been dozens of men to get up and thank individual members for business sent to them.

 私たちは一緒に例会に出ることは難しいとしても、部屋のあちこちから、何人かの人が立ち上がって言います。「彼が努力して私にしてくれたことに対して、感謝したいと思います。」クラブが創立されて以来、「私はあなたのために、何々をしました。」と言った人のことを聞いたことはありません。 こんなことは、私たちのクラブでは一度も語られたことはありませんが、何十人もの人たちが、彼らに紹介してもらった取引に対して、感謝をしているのです。


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「Service not self の本当の意味を考えてみよう。(その4)」
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